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SSFCU is an abbreviation of Security Service Federal Credit Union. SSFCU is a Credit Union service that with more than 925,000 registered members. According to the characteristic of Credit Union, its offers a complete array of financial survive and products to its members. Those services are available at more than 5,000 locations all around the country. SSFCU is called 8th largest Credit Union organization in the United States. The Credit Union was started back in 1956.

SSFCU Login Guide

The guide is for SSFCU(Security Service Federal Credit Union) online account. The online account is called as a myBrance online account. This account gives you the power to manage and monitor your SSFCU online account from your home or workplace with a smart device. You can check your account current status and balance. You can transfer money to other SSFCU online account holder using the online account. You can also pay loans or credit card using your online account. There is also an intellectual feature of SSFCU(myBranch) account, that is fraud detection. If your account detects any fraud activity on your account, it will immediately confirm yours by the alert message.

SSFCU Login Guide For Personal Computer

You can get access to SFFCU online account using several types of smart device. Among them computer devices are mentionable. To use an online account computer devices always get higher preparation. However, SSFCU online account allows any computer device to get a browse SSCU online account. You can use Windows, Macintosh, Linux or other OS operated computer device, it doesn’t matter. You must use authorized and secured internet connection to get login into SSFCU(myBrunch) online account. Otherwise, you can get an unexpected error.

Step 1: First, open your web browser. Then insert the link of SSFCU online account at your web browser URL bar. You can use this link:

Step 2: The official login page of SSFCU(myBranch) online account on your computer screen. At first, you have to give your SSFCU online account registered User Name. On the second option, just write down the Password of your SSFCU online account. If your both information is valid and correct, then you are good to go. Click on the Log In option to get into your SSFCU online account.


Go To: Using this option, you can choose your SSFCU(myBranch) online account starting homepage.

SSFCU Login Guide For Mobile Device

In the case of the mobile device, you can also browse the SSFCU online account with full features. You will be able to use all options and service of SSFCU online account through your mobile device. Here also you have to use an internet connection to get your SSFCU online account. If you can’t manage a smooth internet connection, then you may not be able to get SSFCU online account.

Step 1: Go to the login page of SSFCU(myBranch) online account. You can use the search engine or use this link to get the original login page of SSFCU online account.


Step 2: Then you should get the login page of SSFCU online account. Just provide your registered User Name of SSFCU online account. Then add the Password of your account. If you have provided your account information correctly, then you can click on Log In option.


Go To: Chose your Staring Home Screen.

SSFCU Login Guide For App

SSFCU also has a mobile application for their members. This mobile application includes all option and facilities of SSFCU(myBranch) online account. You can manage your Account, money and other things using this mobile application. It’s official and safe place to manage your SSFCU personal account.

Step 1: First, you must download the original version of the Security Service myBranch App. You can use Google Play or Apple Store to get it.

Step 2: After completing your download, open the mobile application on your mobile device. Then just provide your SSFCU(myBranch) account Username and Password that was set by you. If you have entered that information, then click on Log In option and you will get into your account using the Security Service myBranch App safely!

SSFCU Recovery Guide For Password

It’s become hard some time to memorize your online account Password. The result is you forgot your account Password and cat access your account. If it happens with your SSFCU(myBranch) account, then you can use the Password resin process.

Step 1: Go to the login screen of SSFCU.

Step 2: Then Click on the Forgot password? that is right under the Password box.

Step 3: Now provide the User Name that was used at your SSFCU(myBranch) account. Provide the CAPTCHA to prove that you are not robot Click on Next.

I have a Security Code: If you have got a security code from SSFCU then check in this option.

Hope that information will help you to understand SSFCU online account and their process. If you have any problem between Login or Recovery process of SSFCU(myBreach) online account, then let us know by commenting here.

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