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Shopify Login

Shopify is leading e-commerce organization of Canada. Shopify delivers various kinds of useful tools and software solutions for all online retail business. At 2004, they have used their self-made Shopify online retail software for their snowboard business. After the massive success of their business, they realized that they should make an e-commerce platform for all kinds of the online retailer. That’s just a starter, after that, they kept spreading their software and other e-commerce tools. Now according to Shopify, more than 377,500 online retailers use Shopify to operate their online store!

Shopify Login Guide For Personal Computer

Shopify is operated through online. And its need an online account to complete their work process and provide services and tools. So, Shopify builds an online account, to provide you the best service of e-commerce. You can manage your online business using this Shopify online account. So, Frist of all you would like to browse your Shopify online account on most trusted and secured device. You can use a computer device to get into your Shopify online account securely. It’s one kind of professionalism to use a computer device to operate your online retail business.

Step 1: At the starting, you have to manage the internet connection at your computer. If your internet connection is working smoothly, then open your web browser and type at the URL bar/Address bar. Then hit on the Enter key of your keyboard.

Step 2: Then you would get the login page of Shopify. It’s only created for Shopify online account login. So, here you will get tow blank option. At the first blank option, you should provide your Email address that was used at your Shopify account. Then input the password of your Shopify online account. After providing account credential, you need to click on the Log In option to get into your Shopify online account.

Shopify Login

Remember Me: If you check into this option wheel logging in, your browser will save your Shopify account and account information also. To stop this process, you need to choose the log out the option of Shopify account.

Shopify Login Guide For Mobile Phone

It’s better to browse Shopify online account on any computer device, but you can also use your Shopify online account on your mobile phone. You can manage your online store and make changes using your mobile Shopify online account. It will provide you all kinds of necessary options that will help you to manage your store from any accusation. To get your Shopify online account on a mobile phone, you have to get the internet connection. Using the web browser on your mobile phone, you can easily get your Shopify mobile account. (This process is also compatible with any mobile devices like tablets)

Step 1: Go to the login page of Shopify online account. You should use this address to get the official login page of Shopify:

Step 2: After that, you must get the login page of Shopify from your mobile phone. Now just give your Email address and Password one by one at this login page. Use an Email address that was added to your Shopify account. Click on the Log In option and you should redirect to mobile version Shopify account!

Shopify Login

Remember Me: This option is also available for all kinds of mobile devices. So, if you wants to keep logged into Shopify, then you should turn on this option. Otherwise, you can leave it same.

Shopify Login Guide For Mobile Application

This mobile app is developed and released by Shopify. It will provide you e-commerce facilities of Shopify. You can manage your online store, orders, sales and other things also. It’s a complete secure mobile app that will keep safe your valuable data. Follow those steps to get a secure login at the official mobile application of Shopify.

Step 1: Download Shopify from Google Play or Apple Store.

Step 2: If you completed downloading, just open the Shopify mobile app on your mobile device. After that, the decorated welcome screen of Shopify mobile app will appear. Click on the Log In option.

Shopify Login

Step 3: Now insert your Shopify online account Email address and Password. Then click on the Log In option. If you forgot your password, then you should reset or change it.

Shopify Login

Shopify Account Recovery Guide for Password

Sometimes you need to reset your password. It may cause several types of reasons. However, You can recover your Shopify online account using your Email address, Here’s’ how.

Step 1: Enter into the Shopify official login page. Then click on the Forgot? An option that is located on the right side of ‘password’ option.

Shopify Login

Step 2: Now you will get this recovery page. At first, you have to provide your Email address that is currently linked to your Shopify online account. After that, click on the Email Instruction option.

Shopify Login

After those simple steps, you will get full instruction for resetting the password from Shopify. Use their provided link and you should get the password residing option. If you have any problem, then you can comment your problem here.

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