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Salesforce Login

Salesforce is a Cloud computing based company which provide various kinds of services to the several business organization. With their close computer and other information technology, then provide best quality CRM(Customer Relation Management) services to their clients or business organization. With Customer Relation Management, they help business organization to make themselves more productive towards their customers. They analyze, technologize the data and build up a strong relation between the particular business organization and customers. Salesforce was awarded the number 1 American company that provides CRM(Customer Relation Management) service.

Salesforce Login Guide for Personal Computer

So, if you are interested in getting your Salesforce online account through your computer, then you have to maintain a basic rule of account login. In Salesforce online account login, you have to manage an internet connection at your computer. Then you have to gather all information about your Salesforce online account. If everything is ok, then start the login process at your computer.

Step 1: If your internet connection is working, then open any web browser on your computer. Then you should go at the official login page of Salesforce online account. You can use this link to get the official login page. Be sure that you are not using any fishing site.

Step 2: After getting this particular account login page, you have to complete little bit more task. At first, you have to give your Username of your Salesforce online account. Then you have to make sure that you are providing the correct password of your Salesforce online account. At the end of every click on the Log In option.

Salesforce Login

Remember me: If you check in, this option, then your browser will store your Salesforce account information at his memory!

Salesforce Login Guide for Mobile Phone

If you have a smartphone with an updated web browser, then it could be possible to get asses of your Salesforce online account. It’s a secure and safe method to get access to your business and other Salesforce important data from any ware. AT first, check your internet connection. Then start your login process now.

Step 1: Go into your any mobile web browser. Then type or copy and paste at the URL bar of your browser and hit Enter.

Step 2: Here you will get the login page. At the first option insert your Salesforce online account Username. Then at the next option, you have to provide the exact password that is currently being used at your Salesforce online account. If you have included all genuine information, then click/tap on Log In option.

Salesforce Login

Remember Me: If you are using your mobile device, then you can use this option. If you turn this on while login process, your browser will remember your Salesforce account Username and Password also(if needed).

Salesforce Login Guide for Mobile Application

There is an official mobile application from Salesforce, that is ‘Salesforce 1’. It’s a complete gift to for Salesforce user. This App has combined all information and facilities of Salesforce into one screen. If you want to explore this new mobile application then here is the instruction to get started.

Step 1: In the first step, you have to download the app. So, download it from your beloved application store.

Download Salesforce 1 mobile Application from Google PlayApple Store.

Step 2: Then you should open this application on your mobile device. Here you will get the agreement page of Salesforce 1 mobile app. Read the agreement, and then click on the I Agree option to continue.

Salesforce Login

Step 3: Now Enter your Salesforce Username at the first option. Then the password at the second option. The password is case-sensitive, so please check your password again. If its ok then click on Log In. If you forgot the password, follow the recovery process.

Salesforce Login

Remember Me: If you want to stay logged into Salesforce 1 mobile app with your online account, then you can check in this box.

Salesforce Account Recovery Guide (Password)

In the case of forgetting the password, you should follow this easy instruction. We promise you, and it won’t waste your time.

Step 1: At first go to the login page of Salesforce online account. You can use this link to get the login page.

Step 2: Click on Forgot Your Password?

Salesforce Login

Step 3: Now Enter your Salesforce online account current Username at this blank option and click on Continue.

That’s all. Now you will get the full instruction of resetting the password from Salesforce authority.

So, here was the full guide for America’s No. 1 CRM company. If you have any question about Salesforce or their online account, then you can ask at the comment section.

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