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Outlook is an Email and personal information manager that provides those services through the official web page and Softwares. Outlook is a new name of Microsoft Hotmail. They gave a new name to Hotmail in 2013 and that is Outlook. Outlook is an updated version of traditional Email service. Outlook also provides various kinds of tools to the user of Outlook Email. Outlook automatically synchronizes your work data, contact, Dates, Reminders using the online account. Now Outlook also becomes a part of Mircosoft Office Package.

Outlook Email Login Guide

Outlook also needs an online account to provide all services to the users. Outlook account is operated under Microsoft Account network. Outlook account can be used on every smart device you want. Outlook is now available at Software also. That software is available at Compute and Mobile device. You can use your Microsoft account to use Outlook Email. However, you just have to use the login process of Outlook online account according to what kind of device you are using. Mircosoft will also use your Outlook account information to recover your Account.

Outlook Email Login Guide For Personal Computer

Outlook works fine almost every device and its works fine on Computer devices Also. Here we are using the web browser to get Outlook Email. You can get your Outlook Email at the web format using the web browser. Primarily Outlook to famous for web users and now Outlook also has so many web users around the world.

Step 1: Go to the OutLook Email Login page.

Step 2: Then you will see the login page of Outlook online account. So, at first enter your Outlook Email address here. You can also use the Microsoft Account Email address here with @live.com extension. After that, click Next.


Step 3: In this step, you have to provide your Outlook or Mircosoft online account Password. If you entered correct password, then click on the Next option to get signed into your account.


Outlook Email Login Guide For Mobile Phone

If you can afford a Computer device at this time, then you can use a mobile device as an alternative way. You can get your all email information of Outlook at your mobile phone with the online account. Your Email account and all information will be safe with Microsoft’s strong security system. To get started at your mobile phone use this process carefully.

Step 1: Connect your mobile device with a working internet connection. If you are successful in establishing an internet connection, then one your mobile device web browser. Then you must go to the Login page of Outlook/Microsoft Account.

Step 2: Now you just have to include your Outlook Email address or Mircosoft Account Email address at this empty option. If you were done, then click Next.


Step 3: If your Email address was right then you should get this page. You have to write the password that was set on your Email account. After entering the password click on Next.


Outlook Email Login Guide For Mobile App

Outlook also published an official mobile application for Android and iOS(Windows Phone has built int Outlook App). You can use the Outlook app and manage your Emails and all information, contacts using your online account. However, Outlook Apps also requires a sing in the process to get access. So, here is the Sing In a process for Outlook Email account for a mobile app.

Step 1: Download the App called Mircosoft Outlook that is developed by Mircosoft. You can download it from Google Play or Apple Store.

Step 2: Now you can click on Get Started. After that, just insert your Outlook or Mircosoft Email address and click Next.


Step 3: Here you have to use your Outlook/Microsoft Account password and then you can click on Next option.


Here’s all you have to do on your mobile device to get the Outlook App access.

Outlook Email Login Guide For Computer App

Microsoft also produced Outlook App from Computer devices also. Windows computers have a built-in Outlook App, and they don’t have to download the app manually. But if you are a Macintosh user then you can download it here. Outlook comes with the Office 365 online suite. If you have Outlook App on your computer then just open it and use your Outlook Email and Password one after one. If you forgot the password, then you can recover your Outlook account using the Recovery Process of Mircosoft Account.

Outlook Email Recovery Guide For Password

  • Step 1: First give your Outlook or Microsoft or Office 365 Email address and click Next.Outlook_Email_Login
  • Step 2: Now you should get the option Forgot my password. Just click on it.


  • Step 3: Select –I forgot my password.


  • Step 4: Enter your Email address once again and provide Captcha. After all, process, click Next.


This is the safest way to recover your Mircosoft(Outlook) account when you forgot your password. Of course, there are other options to recover Outlook account. If you want to know about anything or Outlook, then you can ask in the comment section.

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