How to Read All Emails on Gmail

Gmail is the most known email operating system by Google. If you are a Gmail user, you have hundreds of mail from many web site which of them you do not want read.

But you will have some important mail in later that you might have to read because of your unusual mail it will be very difficult to find your important emails in future.

Now, what can you do for making your every email as read? Here I am going to show you the exact way how I mark my all emails as read on Gmail inbox and other folders.

Mark as Read All Emails on Gmail

Follow the steps to mark your emails as read as I do. You can use the same steps for every folder you have in your Gmail.

Step-1: Open your Pc browser and go to

Step-2: Sign in to your Gmail account using your email and password.

Step-3: As you signed in to your account, you can see every mail at your Gmail account. Some of them are read and some them are not. For making every mail as read, you can see a down arrow at the left top corner of your mailbox. Click on it and select all.

Mail select

Step-4: Your all mail is marked now, You can see a tool saying “More” at the top of the page. Click on it and you can see your first option says “Mark As Read”. Click on it and unselect your emails and you can see every mail as read.

All mail read


In our post, I tried my best to show you how I mark my all the emails as read on Gmail. Hope this post helps you.

If you find any difficulty to follow those steps, let us know about it in the comment section and we will try our best to solve your problem.