How to Play Music Through Skype

Skype is most used and most useful internet calling app. Without only calling or chatting with people you can also you can also share your music and even live screen share of your pc. Here I am going to tell you how to play Music Through Skype.

Play Music Through Skype

Step : First you have to Enable “Stereo Mix” in Windows

Step 2: After you enable Stereo Mix go to Skype audio setting and set the Microphone to Stereo

Audio play

Step 3: Now call up the other Skype user and start the music playing on the local PC. The other end of the Skype call will hear the music down the line.

Conclusion: How to Play Music Through Skype

In our post we tried our best to show you How to Play Music Through Skype. Follow those steps and you will be able to Play Music Through Skype. If you have any problem let us know about it in the comment and we will try our best to solve your problem. Hope this post help you.