How to Delete Steam Account

How to Delete Steam Account

If you want to delete your Steam account for any reason,  you must uninstall the application from your Computer. After doing so, all of your games will be deleted from your pc. Then you can follow the account deletion process.

Steam is a video game selling website. Here all its user can login to their account and purchase video games for playing through Computer. When anyone opens a Steam account, he/she can start downloading new games to play them. There are also free games available to download. Steam was initially released on 12th September of 2003 and developed by Valve Corporation. It is available in 26 languages. The service had more than 125 million registered accounts and 12.5 million users were concomitant.

You should not delete your account If you don’t want to lose your games.

Deleting Account of Steam Account By Uninstalling The Application

Steam is very unclear about the removal of its account. With uninstalling the program from your computer, You can delete or remove all games from your account and it is the easiest and time-saving process for your account.

Step-1: Start your device and make it connected to an internet connection first.

Step-2: Go to your computer homepage and click on the “Start” icon and then click on the “Control Panel” button.

Step-3: After getting the next options, Select the “Add or Remove Programs” feature and Open it.

Step-4: When the page opened, view the list of programs carefully on your computer, click on the “Steam” link first and then click on the “Change/Remove” link.

Step-5: Now, you have to choose “Automatic” and then click “Next”. Select “Finish” to complete the process of uninstalling Steam.

Deleting Account Of Steam Account Through Deleting Games From Your Account

Steam accounts cannot be canceled by request, So refrain from logging to your account or delete the games from your account if you want to cancel your account. All accounts that have no games and inactive are deleted automatically by Steam.

Step-1: Go to the Steam support site and then log in with your account information.

Step-2: Click on Games, Software, etc., then select the game you want to delete (you may need to search for it).

Step-3: Next, You should select “I want to permanently remove this game from my account” and Follow the prompts, and the game will be removed from your Steam library for good.

This is the best way to remove the games from your account and then the Steam system will delete your account automatically.

End Lines

Try these processes to delete your Steam Account when you are not interested to continue the account. Make your account inactive and your account will get terminated. If you have anything more to know about the post then write your words in the comments section.

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