How To Delete a Facebook Group

Facebook is most used and known social medial in the world. Facebook is now most upgraded social media with lot of features like messaging, news feed, group use etc. So, How can you delete a facebook group from your account.
In my post I am going to let you you how to remove group from your facebook account.

How To Delete a Facebook Group

If you are not the creator of the group that you want to delete you can not delete it but you can take leave from the group. Follow those steps given below for take leave from a group in facebook

Group leave from PC

Step 1: Go to your Browser and log in to your facebook account you can see your homepage
Fb homepage

Step 2: At your left you can see many signs Look for Group and click on it

Step 3: Now you can see page with every group you are in open that group that you want to take leave.

Step 4: You are now inside a group. You see a sign saying Joined Under the Cover Photo of that group.
Group joined
Step 5: Click on the joined sign and you see Leave Group Option click on it and you are no more member of that group.
fb Group leaving

Facebook Group Leave By Mobile App

Step 1: Open your facebook app Login to your account and you see your homepage. Now at your right top corner you can see a sign for more service click on it
Step 2: Scroll down a little and you see your group service as saying Groups click on it
Fb group
Step 3: Now you can see your facebook groups and open that group you want take leave
Step 4: Now are inside of your group ad you see a down Sign under right side of your group cover pic click on it
Facebook group
Step 5: Now you can see list, at the of end that list you see Leave Group sign click on it to take leave
Group leave

Conclusion: How To Delete a Facebook Group

In our post we tried our best to show you How To Delete a Facebook Group. Follow those steps and you will be able to Delete a Facebook Group. If you have any problem let us know about it in the comment and we will try our best to solve your problem. Hope this post help you.