Find My iPhone Login

Find My iPhone Login

We know that you love your iPhone. It’s your favorite and useful tools. But you can lose your iPhone device (including iPad) device anytime anywhere. It would be at your home or outside. You might not remember where did you leave your phone last time. It would be so frustrating and disgusting moment for you. You don’t expect to lose you’re your iPhone but it can happen.

You can lose your iPhone in many ways,

  • You may lose your iPhone near to your and can’t find your iPhone
  • You may leave your iPhone outside of your home and forget to take with you.
  • Your iPhone device may get stolen

Those are the simplest possibility’s how your iPhone can be lost. But there can be a more complicated story.

Whatever the reason is, you can find your iPhone using the unique feature of iPhone that is Find My Phone.

This feature will use your iPhone’s current GPS location. It will be shown in a clear map. But before using this feature you have to turn on the Find My Phone option on your iPhone.

Turn on Find My Phone Function

To turn on Find My Phone Function on your iPhone you need to go through those steps one by one.

Step 1: Open your iPhone device and go to Settings.

Step 2: Then go to AppleiCloudFind My iPhone option.

Step 3: Now turn on the Find My iPhone option by sliding right.

Note: Find My iPhone doesn’t work when the battery of your iPhone is gone. That’s why you should turn on the option Send the Last Location, that is right under the Find My iPhone option. It will send the last location of your iPhone before your iPhone get off.

Find My iPhone Login

Always Remember that You must have an internet connection at your iPhone to work Find My iPhone feature.

Use Find My Phone using Web Browser

You can use this amazing and helpful future using your web browser and an internet connection. You can use any device like a computer, mobile or another smart device to get on the web! So, don’t worry. Just turn on your smart device and follow this procedure. Using this procedure you will be able to track your lost iPhone.

Step 1: Open your web browser and type or copy and paste and press Enter button.

Step 2: Then you will get the login page of the iCloud. So,

  • Enter your Apple ID at the first option.
  • Write the Password of your iCloud
  • Click on the Arrow sign that is located on the right side of the Password box.

Find My iPhone Login

Step 3: Now you will see a menu. Go to Find My iPhone option.

Step 4: Then select the Device you want and you will get the location of your selected device with the map. If you want you can see the location of your other iPhone device.

You can take some actions on your lost iPhone. Those are,

  • Lose Mode – Using this option, you can display your contact number on your iPhone. You can also add an important message if you want. After choosing this option, the sound will appear at your iPhone that should take attention to nearby peoples.
  • Play Sound – If you chose this option, then a High-toned sound will be played on your iPhone. Hopefully, will find your Phone, if you are nearby to your lost iPhone.
  • Erase – If you think that someone will enter your personal data then you can erase all your data from your iPhone and your all personal data will be protected!

Use Find My Phone using Another iPhone

You can also use iPhone built in Find My Phone App to search and locate your lost iPhone device. If you want you can also use other’s iPhone to find your iPhone.

Step 1: Open iPhone and go into the Find My iPhone App.

Step 2: Now log into your iCloud account using the login process that was described in the previous section.

Step 3: Chose your iPhone device that was lost from you. After that, you will get a Map that telling your iPhone’s location. You can also use Lose Mode, Play Sound, Erase options from Find My iPhone App. If you want you can also get directly to your iPhone location.

That’s how you can locate and get your iPhone back on your hand. We hope that you will find your iPhone using this technique.

If you have any story related to Find My iPhone? Don’t forget to share.

And Yes, you can also comment your problem in Find My iPhone process. We will solve your problem.

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