What is Craigslist Secret Code?

Craigslist is an ad listing website based in America. They arrange ads in classes or categories and allows all of its users to post ads on the site. The users also can post ads in local versions to make their ads more relevant to the local area.

Craig Newmark started this service in 1995 like an email distribution list. They extended it into other classified categories when it turned into a web-based service. Then it started expanding to other cities of U.S. Now Craigslist has expanded in 70 countries.

Craigslist has a wide range of categories and Sometimes scammers post fake ads to several categories and make them spammy. In against scammers, Craigslist made a feature of secret code for posting in some sections.

Craigslist Security System

Several security methods are being applied by Craigslist for keeping its visitors safe from spam. They delete fake ads when it gets detected. When you are entering several sections of Craiglist, you will get warned about frauds

Craigslist tests its visitors with CAPTCHA text. Its used to prove that, the visitor is not a spam spreader. Every Community members can select posts as irrelevant or as spam as well, The selected posts will be reviewed and removed if it goes necessarily by the site administrators.

Definition of Craigslist Codes

For all the user of Craigslist have to go through an additional security step. When they try to post in several categories such as personal ads. You must be signed in to any Craigslist account for posting an ad, in these categories and you also have to enter a special code which is sent to all the Craigslist account holder, via text message or an automated phone call.

Note: This procedure will prove that you are not a spambot and also a real individual and it connects you with a real-world phone number. It won’t be able to post in the restricted categories for you, Without that code at all.

How to use Craigslist Codes

You will have to enter a telephone number, where you will be requested to select one option between the text or voice call to receive the code while you will in the posting procedure.

When you have selected one option, through which way you want to receive the code, an automated system will send the code through a text message or will make a phone call to that number which you were provided.

On the same page in the posting procedure, you have to enter the code when it was required. After entering the code successfully, you will get the chance to post in restricted sections and restrictions will be opened for your account. You will be able to continue posting your ad.

What Are the Code Limitations

With a Craigslist secret code, You will be able to post on Craigslist restricted sections for 90 days and After 90 days passed Craiglist will require a new code. You should apply for Craigslist secret code again to post an ad on Craigslist restricted sections.


You cannot use a Code with that phone number which has used for requesting a new code. It will continue until the current code has been expired. To activate posting privileges for multiple Craigslist accounts you cannot use a single code Because every Craigslist codes are account-specific.