What is Craigslist Secret Code?

The Secret Code For keep its visitors safe from spam.

Craigslist is an American ad listing website, where ads are being arranged in classes or categories. It allows all the users to post ads on this site in local versions to make those ads more pertinent to the local area. Some categories could be full by containing posts by scammers, While Craigslist holds a wide range of categories. To combat this, Craigslist accomplished a feature of secret code for posting in some sections. Here we will describe the full meaning of Craigslist Secret Code.

The service began by Craig Newmark in 1995 as an email distribution list. In 1996, it expanded into other classified categories, when it became a web-based service. In 2000, it started expanding among other U.S. cities.

Reason for Craigslist Codes

Various security methods are used by Craigslist for trying to keep its visitors safe from spam and eliminate it. Before entering Several sections you will get warned from them about fraud.

Craigslist requires the entry of CAPTCHA text for proving that the poster is not a spambot, while people posting ads for it. Every Community members can selects posts as inappropriate or as spam. The site administrators can review the posts and remove them if necessary.

Meaning of Craigslist Codes

Craigslist requires an additional security step for all its uses. When they attempts to post in certain categories such as personal ads. For posting an ad you must be signed in to any Craigslist account. And you  have to enter a special code which is sent to you via text message or an automated phone call.

This method proves that you are a real individual and also not a spambot and its associates you with a real-world phone number. Without that code, you won’t be able to post in the restricted categories at all.

Using The Craigslist Codes

You will be requested to enter a telephone number, where you can be reached. You will be asked to select either the text or phone option to receive the code.

After selecting one option through which you want to receive the code, an automated system will send you the code through a text message or makes a phone call to that number which was provided.

You will have to enter the code, on the same page in the posting procedure where it was required. when you enter the code successfully, the ability to post in restricted sections will be opened for your account and you will be able to continue posting your ad.

Code Limitations

You can be able to post in Craigslist restricted sections for 90 days, through a Craigslist secret code. When 90 days will be passed and if you attempt to post a new listing in the restricted sections, those will require a new Craigslist secret code.

End lines

However, a phone number cannot be used for requesting a new code until the current code has been expired, once a code had been sent to that phone number. A single code cannot be used to activate posting privileges for multiple Craigslist accounts. Cause all Craigslist codes are account-specific.

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