How to Login to ClearCare


ClearCare is an industry leading provider of web-based solutions to the home care agencies. ClearCare was established to help home care agencies to accomplish their aim at home care service. Using the ClearCare technology any agency can achieve their success to deliver their home care services as fluently as possible. It’s a complete package of online services and tools that are so helpful and reliable. ClearCare provides scheduling, telephone, payroll management, electronic payments system to their client agencies. The package also has messaging services and all message history get saved instantly. According to ClearCare, in every month more than 100 agencies are getting associated with them.

ClearCare Login Guide For Personal Computer

ClearCare provided services are accessible on any computer, mobile devices. The user can get their real time information and other services on their hand using the web-based online account. All kinds of ClearCare information are get synchronized under the personal account of ClearCare. As we said, the personal online account of ClearCare online account can be usable at a computer device. Here you have to set your internet connection. If you have a running internet connection, then you can use the following login process of ClearCare online account.

Step 1: Firstly, open you’re any updated and secured web browser of the computer device. Once you have opened the web browser you should type or copy and past this address at the URL bar Then press the Enter button.

Step 2: Then you should get this web page. It’s the login page of ClearCare online account. If you have got the original and verified login page, then just input your Email address and Password one by one. Remember your Username is your Email address that was used at your ClearCare online account. You should also check your caps lock when you type the password. After all, you should press the Login button of ClearCare login page.


ClearCare Login Guide For Mobile Device

ClearCare is an online account. As an online account, any user can get into ClearCare online account using any mobile device. By mobile device. We are referring to the smart mobile devices. At smart mobile devices, you can use the web formatted version of ClearCare online account. Your all kinds of information will get synchronized at your ClearCare online account. That means you can get current and updated information on your mobile device.

Step 1: To get the ClearCare online account on the smart mobile device, you have to open your mobile web browser. Chose a secured and trusted mobile browser and then use this address to get the login page of ClearCare:

Step 2: After the last step, you should get the verified ClearCAre online account login page. At the login page, you have to provide your ClearCare account registered Email address at the first option. Then you have to fill the next option with the correct password of your CleareCare online account. So, if your information is in the correct place, then click on Login option to get into your ClearCare online account.


ClearCare Forgot Password

You won’t find the password reset option on the login page of CleareCare. If you forgot your account Password, then you should contact with your current agency authority to recover your ClearCare online account Password. You can also request them to reset the Password of your ClearCare online account if you want!

So, that’s all you should know about the ClearCare online account. If you need more information or help about ClearCare online account, then you can leave a comment here.

ClearCare is one of the best solution providers to home care agencies. So, if you have any personal report/survey about ClearCare, then you can also comment it.

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