Login – Authorize Sign In – Login Login is an organization that accepts and verifies electronic check and credit card payments from customers on behalf of merchants. is providing payment gateway service from 1996. accepts payments using their web protocol and official website. also use mail order or telephone order at payment verifying process. provides their services through a reseller partners network. Those networks deliver payment authorizing services to their merchants. Login Guide For Personal Computer needs an online account to complete their payment authorizing process. At the online account, you can check the full detail of your payment information. You can get tips from customers using the online account. You can also manage your card payments and previous transaction using your online account. You can use any computer device to get your online account. It’s one of the best devices to get a secure login at your most important online accounts.

Step 1: At first you have to enable the internet connection at your computer device. Then just open your most updated web browser and type at the URL bar and use this address.

Step 2: Then you have to use User ID/Username of yore online account in the first place. Then you have to add the password of your online account and click on the Log In option. Login Login Guide For Mobile Phone

Mobile devices are also allowed to get access to any online account. You can manage your payments and other options using your any smart mobile devices. This online account has no operating system restriction so, you can use your online account at Android, Ios, Windows, and other system operated the mobile device. Make sure you are using a trusted web browser to get your don’t forget the internet connection.

Step 1: If your internet connection is working properly, then open your web browser on your mobile and then visit the online account. You can use this address to get the login page:

Step 2: Then you just have to provide the right information about your online account at those blank options. At the first option, you should put your Login ID/Username and then at the next option you have to use the password that was set in your online account. At the end of this login, process click on the Log In option to get your online account at your mobile device securely. Login Login Guide For Mobile Application

There is also a mobile application for merchants. You can use this mobile application to manage your online account. Using your online account, you can do all things that are allowed at your online account. It’s so easy and fun method to manage your payments and transactions of And its most secured mobile application, that will keep your account safe from unexpected access.

Step 1: Go to the download page of mobile application. Download it from Google Play or Apple Store. Download the app from your trusted source.

Step 2: Then you will see the agreement of this application. Read the agreement and you have to click on the ACCEPT AND CONTINUE option to continue. So, click on that option if you agree with their terms and conditions. Login

Step 3: Now enter your Login ID at the first option. Then use the right password of your online account. If your information is correct, then click on the Log In option to get access to your online account using the official mobile application. Login Account Recovery Guide for Password

It’s the most comment problem for every online account. Sometimes we forgot our online account password. So, if you have lost your very important online account password, then you can easily recover your password by using this recovery process.

Step 1: Go to the original login page of online account. Then click on the Forgot Your Password? Option. Login

Step 2: User your Login ID at the first option. Then you have to write the address of your Email address that was connected with your online account. After all, click on Submit option. Login Account Recovery Guide Login ID

If you are having trouble to memorizing yore online account then you should use this trick to reset your Login ID.

Step 1: Go to the login page of online account and click on Forgot Your Login ID? Option. Login

Step 2: Now you have to provide some personal information about you and your online account. At the ‘Identification’ section you have to provide your Email address, First name, and Last name. Then you have to give captcha at the ‘Security Code’ option. Login

Step 3: Click on the Submit option.

You should use one of that method if you forgot your Username/Login ID or Password of your online account. is a most trusted source for accepting digital and card payments. We hope you will get your deserved payment through

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