12 Surprising Things That Make You Live Longer

Surprising Things That Make You Live Longer

There are certain things on the planet that will make you live much longer. Those things are amazing yet mysterious enough to hide from everyone. Here I will reveal those points to you so you can get the benefit from them. Just follow me and you will be good to go. Let’s jump into the points and discover them one by one.

1. Having ‘positive’ initials

Having 'positive' initials

The long term reassures show that having positive initials like ACE, WOW, VIP and others will make you live longer.

People with positive initials tend to live much more than any negative initial people. So you should have a positive initiative.

2. Getting married

getting married

You must get married if you want to have a longer life. A married person is more likely to have a longer life span.

This will also improve your health and overall life expectancy. That’s why you should get married.

3. Having religious beliefs

Having religious beliefs

It would help if you kept your faith to Creator. Research should show that if you are religious, you will have a much longer life because Religious belief adds extra satisfaction to your life.

In total, you will get happy and extended life.

4. Laughter


Laughter is the best medicine of all. And this is right. Research showed that the more people smile, the more people aspect to living longer.

With a big smile on your face, you can get a happy life and a longer life span. That’s why you should try to smile when moments come and be happy.

5. Get Involved with family

Get Involved with family

Getting involved with parents and family members is one of the effective ways to get a longer life. Things, like getting dinner and doing some housework, will help you get a painting look at your life.

So, you must keep a good relationship with your parents.

6. Be social

be social

The core of a long life is practicing a good social life. You can’t service for much longer if you don’t have any social companions.

That’s why you should be a social person who is good with their surrounding people. This will give you an extra edge over others in life span.

7. Balanced diet

eat Balanced diet

One of the most crucial factors in getting an extended life is having a good eating habits. It would help if you ate healthy foods.

Without a balanced and healthy diet, you can’t serve in this world for a longer period.

8. Exercise

exercise equipments

This is essential for a happy and longer life. If you exercise regularly, you will get a healthy body and heart.

It will result in good mental condition and physical condition.

9. Get a pet

get a pet like cat

Rashes show that having a pet is stress releasing. It also eliminates loneliness from anyone’s life. So, you can have a pet like cat, fish, bird, horse or others.

The Cat is popular among the growing generation. Also, horse is super effective when it comes to having a pet.

10. Learn new things

learn new things

It would be best if you learned new things every day like a new language or new technique. If you determine to learn new things every day, it will give you positive feelings.

It will also give you a reason to wake up and do something new. So, learn new things every day and don’t hesitate.

11. Get awards

Get awards

The more you can get awards for you, the more you will get the advantage of getting a longer life easily. Research shows that getting awards or prizes will result in an extended life period and happy living.

So, You should try to achieve something in your life to get awards.

12. Get some weight

Get some weight

The most underrated option to get a longer life is to gain some weight. Too much lean and thin body is not suitable for longer survival. If you gain some weight, you will get much more energy and resources to survive in your old age.

So, you must get some weight and save them for your older period.


So, those are the things that will provide you long life and satisfaction. Satisfaction is the main thing to achieve a longer life. Also, you should avoid things like bad diet and routine. Just follow those points and everything will be fine and you will get a longer period of living.

You should not obey those points completely but following those closely will surely increase the chance of getting a higher life span.

There might be other things in your life that will help you get a longer life. So keep open your eyes for those hits.

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